2019: The Year of the Tariff

by Mitchell Rona, Executive Vice President #GlobalSourcerer

As we move toward the end of 2019, tariffs continue to affect our industry. As a result, this has been a challenging year for many sourcing professionals.  We are all in it together, as we see consequences and tremors up and down the supply chain. As the tariffs linger, there continues to be discussion about the value of using an established OEM service, or attempting to establish an in-country presence and go it alone. The risk of starting a ground up operation overseas is significant, with many unforeseen minefields, which can result in disaster. Additionally, the costs associated with staffing, relocating personnel, and operating in an unfamiliar business culture can be enormous.

Prudent business professionals are continuing to monitor the situation and optimize their existing suppliers, while exploring sourcing options in other markets. If an alternative is sought, it is crucial to select a reputable and experienced partner.  SIGMA OEM has boots on the ground in all of our overseas facilities, which include India, Korea, Indonesia, and China. We also have sources in Israel and Mexico, and will add direct SIGMA resources as business levels demand.