SIGMA Piping Products Offers Tariff Free Butterfly Valves

Manufactured in South Korea, these are not subject to the recent tariffs that affect pricing on imports from China.

SIGMA Piping Products is fully stocked with tariff-free butterfly valves, which can be overnight shipped to most locations in North America. These valves were manufactured in South Korea, and are not subject to the recent tariffs that affect pricing on imports from China.  For this reason, there is a significant cost savings in considering these valves over other imports. Like all SIGMA product, these SPP Butterfly Valves uphold the industry’s most rigorous quality assurance standards to ensure the safety of our customers and end users.

A butterfly valve controls the flow of water in a fire protection system through the rotation of an internal disc. When the valve is closed, the disc sits in the perpendicular position and this prevents any water from passing through.  When the valve is open, the disc moves into the parallel position to allow water to flow through freely. The disc remains in the passageway at all times, but because of its thin design it does not create significant resistance.

Most butterfly valves for fire protection also include electronic tamper switches that communicate with a control panel; this safety protocol sets off an alarm when a valve’s status changes. It is common for a butterfly valve to include two tamper switches. The first forms a connection to a fire control panel, and second, connects to an auxiliary device, such as a bell or horn.

SIGMA Piping Products butterfly valves are available in sizes 2 ½ thru 8”. They operate with a working pressure of 300psi and a maximum test pressure of 600 psi.

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