Check Out this Webb-Site: Shortages and Outages

By Joe Webb, National Sales Manager

Shortages and outages are the main topic of the day. They headline most industry meetings, customer calls, and strategy sessions.  Virtually every interaction opens and closes with the question, “when will the logistical constraints ease up?”.

The pandemic has caused shortages and outages that have affected the marketplace with regard to the products themselves, as well as the raw materials, affiliated supplies such as pallets and containers, limited vessel space, and ever-increasing production and logistical costs. In addition, labor has been affected globally due to shutdowns and other pandemic-related issues, and this has also disrupted production along the length of the supply chain.

We don’t have a crystal ball, but the prevailing thought is that these disruptions will continue through the remainder of this year and possibly into 2022, unless demand slows due to inflation or further scarcity of product.

SIGMA’s sales team is doing an excellent job in this challenging time, working with our customers and providing the most accurate lead time possible. Our long-standing relationships with our suppliers date back over 35 years, and our in-country, boots-on-the-ground presence in all SIGMA facilities ensures that we have accurate information and that we procure product as quickly as possible under these difficult circumstances. In short, these trusted partnerships help mitigate some of these challenges.

Our sales professionals are committed to open, honest communication and that has been the SIGMA standard since we opened our doors in 1985. Despite the fact that these days we often have to deliver messages that are not what the customer wants to hear, we will always tell the truth, and uphold the highest standards to integrity and transparency through good times and bad.