Product Spotlight: Companion Flanges for Steel Pipe

Though frequently associated with the Plumbing market, the Companion Flange for steel O.D. pipe is often stocked by Distributors in the Waterworks market. To provide convenient and competitive access to this product, SIGMA stocks Companion Flanges in its regional warehouses in the US and Canada.

Produced from Carbon Steel, SIGMA’s Companion Flange is threaded with CNC equipment to ensure even, consistent threading. SIGMA’s range of Companion Flanges extends from 3” through 12” in both size-on-size and reducing configurations.

Sreeni Rao, Engineer explains, “SIGMA’s team of sourcing professionals identified a quality production facility for the Flanges and SIGMA’s management elected to inventory these products to provide availability to our customer base and extend SIGMA’s long-standing position as a ‘one-stop shop’ for Distribution.”

The Companion Flange is available from stock at a competitive price and may be bundled with SIGMA’s extensive range of products to meet freight allowances.

For questions or pricing, please contact your local SIGMA Territory Sales Manager or email Donna Jones (