SIGMA’s DMPlug, Valve Box Plugs, and Meter Pit Insulation Plugs Protect Pipes from Debris, Sediment, and Cold Weather


The DMplug is a patented, inexpensive, non-pressure alternative; keeping debris and sediment from entering pipe and fittings. The tapered body allows for use in a variety of inside diameters without the expense of purchasing multiple plugs. The taper keeps it tight and in place. The DMplug will not absorb sediment or water, keeping the plug lightweight and ready for use time after time. Its use is not limited to pipe but can be used in fittings or any round application.

How the DMplug Benefits the Waterworks Contractor:

  • Quick and easy, no pumps or tools needed
  • Inexpensive, one size plug does the work of many.
  • Efficient, the same plug can be used in bell or spigot ends of most pipe and fittings.
  • A single plug will fit a variety of inside diameters.
  • Wide range of sizes with overlapping plug OD ensures that a DMplug will fit.
  • Made of lightweight, durable, non-absorbent closed cell material.
  • Plugs can be ordered to a specific size for a custom fit.

The DMplug fits in the Bell and/or Spigot end of PSM, IPS, C900, Ductile Iron, and any other pipe and fittings used in the waterworks industry.

Valve Box Plug

The Valve Box Plug fits a standard valve box and is effective in keeping dirt, rocks and debris from collecting in the bottom of the valve box. The high visibility handle allows for easy removal. The Valve Box Plug is made from closed cell foam that will not absorb water and is cut with a slight taper for easier installation but not compromising a snug fit that will keep the plug at the desired height in the valve box. The Valve Box Plug can also be ordered to fit any other valve stem riser options.


Meter Pit Insulation Plug

The Meter/Pit Insulation Plug is made of strong, durable 1.2# laminated closed cell foam with a 2.5 R-value per inch. Available in 4″ and 6″ thickness, all plugs are cut with a slight taper allowing a snug, easy installation. The taper keeps the plug tight and in place, sealing up any variations in the interior wall of the pipe ensuring the plug is doing the job to insulate. The slight taper reduces plug tipping when being installed and the high visibility handle allows for easy removal.

For more information about these and other Extended Products, please contact your local SIGMA representative or use the following link to view each individual brochure on our website Plug brochures.