Product Spotlight: Domestically Manufactured Aluminum Hatches

SIGMA offers domestically manufactured Aluminum Access Hatches for construction companies building concrete utility vaults.

The access hatches come in two designs:

  • Angled frame access hatches are designed for applications where rainwater entering the vault is not a concern. They are available as a single or double leaf.
  • Trough frame access hatches are suitable for applications where rainwater intrusion control is needed. They are available as a single or double leaf.

Optional safety grates and nets are available upon request for all hatches.

Both products meet the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO H-20) standard for manhole frame and cover load-bearing requirements for pedestrians and vehicles in low traffic areas.

Note:  Aluminum Hatches have a limited (LOAD RATING: H20 10% IMPACT) for such areas as parking lots or loadings docks with  traffic not exceeding 30 mph.

SIGMA can manufacture various types of aluminum frame styles and sizes, from standard sizes such as 24×24 to 60×60 inches, to custom orders. We are also now offering Aluminum Ladders to complement the new Hatch line.

For further information, please email SIGMA’s Precast specialist Glenn Chaisson or cell 281 808 9723.