Global Sourcing 30 Years On: Fitter, Faster and Leaner

  1. Today, we’re an industry that moves FAST.

Technology and high-speed communication has made the world a smaller place. Customers understandably expect more immediacy both in communication and delivery schedules. FourG technology has replaced the slow boat to China.

  1. As an industry, we’re now much FITTER.

In spite of the challenges facing China, China is still the dominant manufacturing force in the world. While other Asian economies are emerging as powerhouse manufacturers, China, our main manufacturing partner, is fitter than ever. Chinese manufacturers are more responsive and sophisticated than they’ve ever been. Competitors have a steep hill to climb to catch them up!

  1. Thirty years on, our processes are LEANER to match those of our customers.

In the last decade, we’ve seen increasing sophistication among our customers, which we too have mirrored. A younger generation of customers has come through with higher expectations of their suppliers. I’m pleased to say that this new generation recognizes that SIGMA is a viable company to partner with. At the end of the day, we are seen as providing a total service offering that is still vibrant.