SIGMA OEM Manufactured Gorilla Bow Named 2020 Product of the Year

Gorilla Bow is a true SIGMA OEM success story. Designed by Sales Manager Tom Whittington, and manufactured and supplied by SIGMA OEM, demand for this innovative fitness product has exploded during the pandemic. With gyms closed, people are seeking effective ways to maintain their physical fitness, and the Gorilla Bow, a lightweight, versatile, home “gym” delivers a resistance-training total body workout. Men’s Health Magazine gave the Gorilla Bow system top marks in its recent issue with the 2020 Home Gym Award.

Executive Vice President Mitchell Rona comments, “The Gorilla Bow really is a home-grown SIGMA story. Tom came to us with the prototype, and we were able to provide a full production and supply chain service that brought this product to market in a timely fashion. As demand ramped up, in the last six weeks, we had the ability and the bandwidth to meet it, which, in turn enabled the Gorilla Bow Company to successfully meet its customers’ demands. They have grown from a small-scale operation to moving 800 units daily. We couldn’t be happier for them.”

SIGMA OEM Sales Manager and Owner of Gorilla Bow Tom Whittington adds, “Without SIGMA OEM’s established manufacturing and distribution network, we would not be where we are today.  Their skilled engineering and supply chain professionals were able to ramp up quickly. We also developed other products, including a lightweight bow and a travel version, which can be broken down into three pieces for convenience, which SIGMA OEM produced quickly and efficiently. SIGMA OEM was with us every step of the way, meeting deadlines, delivering product, simplifying logistics. We are thrilled with our company’s growth and we could not have done it without SIGMA OEM.” The Gorilla Bow is currently available for purchase at Best Buy and Amazon, and will be sold at Target starting in September.

Congratulations to the Gorilla Bow Company on the 2020 Product of the Year award!

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