SIGMA Offers 3 Types of Hydraulic Cement Plug to Prevent Water Seepage

SIGMA is pleased to offer three types of Hydraulic Cement Plug for water seepage prevention as part of our Extended Products line. As always, the customer is our top priority, and to that end we strive to offer one-stop shop maximum convenience with a broad-based product range.

SIGMA’s Hydraulic Cement Plug options include:

  • Hot Mix–sets in 45-90 seconds*
  • Slow, or Standard Mix–sets in 3-5 minutes*
  • Super Slow Mix –sets in 20 minutes*

*Setting times may vary slightly due to external temperatures.

SIGMA offers all 3 types in 1- and 5-gallon pails. Patch and pre-colored custom mixes are offered, and custom setting times are also available.  It is quite versatile; the cement plug can be used indoors or outdoors, as well as above or below grade. The product consists of a blend of Portland cement, fine aggregates, and other ingredients modified and adjusted to control initial and final set times per the required specification and application.

National Product Manager Craig Schapiro comments, “Our Hydraulic Cement is perfect for a wide range of applications and in stopping water seepage. It’s ideal for use at water treatment plants and for plugging manholes, sewers, concrete pipes, and retaining walls.”

For further information about this and other Extended Products, please contact Craig Schapiro at