Case Study: HYDROBLOCK 200 to the Rescue at Manvel Texas Convenience Store

SIGMA’s Trench Drain Team was approached recently when the drainage system at a newly constructed Circle K Store in Manvel, Texas failed.  As the SIGMA experts assessed the project, it became clear that the system had been installed incorrectly. However, the owners did not wish to disrupt their business with a messy repair project involving jackhammers, repaving, and other involved processes.  SIGMA’s team devised a plan to use HYDROBLOCK 200 channels that fit precisely in the existing trenches. These channels had the specified capacity and interior width that was required, but their exterior width was narrower, thus enabling them to drop right into the space that had already been excavated.  The store was able to remain open throughout the reinstallation, and the HYDROBLOCK 200 drainage channels are performing effectively and efficiently.

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