HYDROBlock 300 Installed at MILBY Railyard in Houston, TX

The MILBY Railyard Diesel Shop in Houston Texas contacted SIGMA to address their drainage challenges. As a maintenance and repair facility for diesel train engines, the shop floor was constantly covered with oil, other engine lubricants/fluids, brake dust and other debris. Without proper cleaning and drainage, the facility risked becoming an unsafe work environment.

In addition to the flow of harsh industrial and cleaning substances that had to be routed off the floor, the drainage channel required a significant load capacity to support the heavy railroad equipment that was serviced in the MILBY facility.

 HYDROBlock 300 provided the ideal solution for this application. Its features include:

·      Load Class F900 (198,000 lbs)

·      140,000 PSI Compressive Strength

·      Ductile Iron Material

·      High Capacity Grate Design for maximum capture

·      Slip-resistant for maximum safety

·      Monolithic trench drain channel design with no loose parts

·      Specifically designed for areas with high dynamic forces.

Todd Amerson, National Trench Drain Product Manager comments, “The HYDROBlock 300 is ideal for applications like this; it’s virtually indestructible. When we have a customer that requires a system with heavy load class ability and high flow capacity, HYDROBlock excels. With our wide range of drainage solutions at SIGMA, we can address all drainage needs, from high flow industrial applications to light duty landscape designed systems.”

For information about this and other SIGMA drainage solutions, please contact tamerson@sigmaco.com or 609-286-8861.