HYDROLINE PRO Prism: Design Meets Performance

SIGMA’s HYDROline PRO Prism Trench drains, now in designer colors, meet the increasing demand for both aesthetics and performance in drainage. The new line was created to enhance landscapes, pool decks, gardens, parks, spas, locker rooms, gyms, country clubs, and pedestrian areas. The current color palate includes Pearl Dark Grey, Beige Brown, Tomato Red, Signal Orange, Pearl Green, and Oyster White, however, SIGMA can produce virtually any color desired.

These colorful new HYDROLINE PRO Prism options retain the industry leading design and performance specifications of the original black powder coated product:

  • High-grade alloyed aluminum low profile channel
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance
  • 84’/3m long monolithic channels
  • Factory fabricated channel elements for complex layouts
  • Outlet elements made of aluminum and/or stainless steel with 4“ vertical outlet
  • Patented width extension flanges along both sides of the channel to easily increase system capture and flow rates
  • Highly abrasion resistant powder coating RAL 9005

Todd Amerson, National Trench Drain Product Manager, comments, “We saw an opportunity to reach a new base of customers with this product line. This offering hits a key spot in the market—engineers and contractors are focused on the performance and specs while architects and designers emphasize the aesthetic elements; HYDROline PRO Prism satisfies both priorities. It also enables end users to have significant choice. With this aesthetically enhanced HYDROline PRO offering, we can meet the design requirements of all types of customers and applications.”

For additional information on this and other drainage products, please contact tamerson@sigmaco.com 609-286-8861.