Hydrotec Installed at Gainesville Florida Fire Station

When the City of Gainesville, Florida planned its new fire station, drainage was a critical part of the design. These days, virtually all new construction projects require a storm water management plan, and the fire station’s apparatus bay required significant drainage.

As with all storm water management plans, the key was to prevent runoff from leaving the site and overwhelming the municipal infrastructure. This is necessary to avoid flooding, clogging, potential contamination, and accelerated degradation of the system.

Hydrotec Maxi 150 ADA compliant grates were ideal for this application.  Todd Amerson, SIGMA National Trench Drain Product Manager explains, “We placed a length of Hydrotec at the apron of the building, another just prior to the street, and a third at the side door. This layout had the benefit of simplicity—the required grade was slight, and aimed in just one direction for each trench. It also made for an attractive appearance, and prevented ponding near the building.”

The installation was considered a success, and the customer was pleased with the results.

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