Hydrotec Trench Drains Solve Storm Water Runoff and Aesthetic Issues in Landscaping Applications

Stormwater runoff management is a major concern in properties that contain pools, fountains, landscaping and expansive lawns, but many drainage systems are difficult to install, challenging to maintain, and unattractive. As a result, Hydrotec trench drains have seen significant growth in the luxury homes market, and are beginning to revolutionize the industry.

Hydrotec offers a convenient, easy to install, durable trench drain that is aesthetically pleasing, and appropriate for use in high-end properties. Contractors and landscapers are so pleased with Hydrotec’s quality, service, and aesthetics that they are beginning to specify it on jobs.

One landscaper for a New Jersey mansion commented:  “We’re working on a beautiful home with elegant grounds—we need to protect the pool and gardens, but we don’t want some unsightly grate running through the yard.  This system looks really nice and does the job exceptionally well.”

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