In response to increasing volume and demand for products supplied by the SIGMA-Raven HDPE Division, SIGMA has acquired and installed a new Rotoline 2.6 rotomolding machine in the manufacturing facility in Alexander City, Alabama.

The new machine more than doubles the output capabilities of the facility, and because it is the latest model, it brings with it state-of-the art technology.

Stuart Box, VP of EPQ, explains, “The new machine enables us to reduce our cycle times, and ups our output capability by 2 ½ times what it was before. The molding machine also has the most modern technology, utilizing a visual factory programming interface, as well as internal mold temperature monitoring feature, which enables us to monitor the internal temperature of the mold, so we can start and stop the cycles based on the precise temperature, not on just timing the process, which is not as exact.”

As the business continued to grow, SIGMA saw that the sales forecasts for 2020 could not be reached with the existing equipment. In response, they took strategic steps to ensure that quality product would continue to be provided for customers in a timely fashion. The newly upgraded and expanded facility is now fully operational and successfully meeting strong, growing customer demand.

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