SIGMA Adjusts to Work From Home

As the country and the world have adjusted to a “new normal” surrounding the pandemic, SIGMA has moved to a work from home model for many of our employees. As things begin to reopen, SIGMA will follow suit according to safety protocols, but until then the company has embraced a telecommuting model for many members of our team.

Donna Jones, Sales and Marketing Support Associate describes the transition:  “People just accepted that this is how it is for today. No one complained, they just did what was needed to get the job done.  Even people who were not tech-savvy have adjusted to Microsoft Teams and other remote applications.  Sure, there were some glitchy moments, which gave us a chuckle in the midst of these troubled times—kids would wander in, dogs would bark, people were not in the frame, or their faces were cut off, or they were unaware they were muted while they kept talking and gesticulating, but we all took it in stride and overall things ran very smoothly.”  Enabling a majority of the staff to work from home allowed the operations and warehouse teams to work onsite with appropriate distancing protocols. Deemed an essential business as a waterworks infrastructure supplier, SIGMA ensured the safety of our employees while maintaining the crucial supply chain to our customers and distributors.

SIGMA wishes all of our industry friends and customers health and safety, and a smooth transition back to business.