SIGMA/Raven HDPE Division Sees Growth, Success in Florida Markets

The SIGMA/Raven High Density Polyethylene Product Division has seen significant growth nationwide, and South Florida has been a particularly active region. Territory Sales Manager Danny Feregrino explains, “South Florida is growing like crazy—and that is a good thing for our industry. Municipalities are seeing a need for HDPE products, and SIGMA has been successful in getting specified in several key areas.”

In addition to Broward County, which began to specify SIGMA’s meter boxes in 2018, the cities of Jupiter and Pembroke Pines have recently specified SIGMA’s HDPE product line.

Feregrino continues: “We work collaboratively with the municipalities. Whether we start with the superintendent, or the engineers, we bring the stakeholders together and get a clear understanding of what their needs are. Because SIGMA owns and operates US-based fabrication facilities, we can meet any specification with domestic product. We go back and forth with remodeling and tweaking the designs and prototypes until they meet the customers’ needs. One customer was considering adding a logo to the meter lids, which we can do.  Another customer needed a lid that would not float, so we developed a product to meet that requirement by encapsulating rebar for additional weight and drilling holes in the lid to prevent buoyancy. The rebar also functioned as a locator device, so that made it easier for the inspectors and readers to find the meters in grassy areas or places with a lot of undergrowth. We take time with the process, because the most important thing is that we get it right.”

Due to the rapidly increasing demand for domestically-manufactured HDPE products, SIGMA now has HDPE facilities in several locations throughout the US. We operate HDPE manufacturing facilities in Alabama, Idaho, and Colorado, so product can be delivered nationwide in a timely fashion.

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