SIGMAStainless Drains Installed at Mercedes Benz-Porsche Dealership

When the Jackie Cooper Mercedes and Jackie Cooper Porsche Dealerships in Tulsa, OK decided to remodel and upgrade, they turned to SIGMA for the drainage plan. They sought better drainage in their maintenance facility, and SIGMAStainless met the specifications.

SIGMA received the inquiry and got to work with our Stainless manufacturer to develop the appropriate solution. We worked with the project’s plumbing and mechanical engineering teams to develop the right design and system for the application.

Dustin Reavis, Parts and Construction Manager for Jackie Cooper, describes the job: “Our GC suggested SIGMA and it was a great pick. The installation went really smoothly, and the performance has been fantastic. The strainer grates are key, because they prevent larger debris from flowing in and clogging the system. We were so pleased with SIGMA’s products and service that we are doing another project in our adjacent facility.”

SIGMA’s drainage team devised a plan to meet the heavy duty loading (H20) requirement and the washdown/cleaning applications with our SIGMAStainless 12” wide and 24” long stainless steel bodies with strainers and stainless grates. The drains are set in line along the center of the shop, ensuring that the fluids flow directly into the drains where they are captured and removed from the facility.

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