Product Spotlight: SIGMA Anchoring Reducer

SIGMA’s Anchoring Reducer provides contractors and municipalities a compact solution for hydrant replacements. Because old mains often contain undersized pipes measuring 4”, issues may arise in the field when technicians attempt to connect to most standard hydrants shoes, which generally contain 6” MJ (mechanical joint) connections.

The SIGMA Anchor Reducer, (SIGMA Part #SMR64) delivers the benefits of the SIGMA SSA swivel type adapter coupling (known as an “anchor coupling” throughout the industry) and incorporates it into a 6×4 small end MJ reducer. The result is an anchoring reducer that has a 6” swivel anchor x 4” MJ bell. SIGMA’s Engineering Team brought further innovation to this product by opening up the 4” MJ bell to accommodate most sizes of 4” pipe commonly found in use today. In addition, the SIGMA Anchor Reducer is compatible with most oversized applications.

The product also lends itself to everyday uses in the field. It eliminates the need to restrain a plain-end fitting with a wedge action restraint, which some restraint and fitting manufacturers do not recommend.

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