Spotlight on SIGMA Raven: Expanded Capacity

The demand for HDPE product has continued to grow and several key players have exited the market. As a result, SIGMA saw an opportunity to expand our offering in this space and provide needed product to our valued customers. To that end, we have increased our number of manufacturing locations across the US.

In addition to our existing facilities in Idaho and Alabama, this year, SIGMA opened new manufacturing facilities in Colorado and Ohio to meet the growing need for HDPE product. Our SIGMA-Raven teams are fully trained in roto-molding, and we have the expertise and ability to fabricate both stock and custom items. Our meter pits and lids have been successfully installed in municipalities and states across North America, and we can meet any and all specifications for virtually any HDPE product.

While sourcing and logistics continue to be a challenge, our strategy to open SIGMA-Raven facilities in locations throughout the US supports our goal to deliver for our customers in a timely fashion.

For information about SIGMA-Raven products, please contact Jeff Fox at 256-234-2514.