SIGMA Stainless Drainage Systems, Manufactured in USA

SIGMA Stainless Trench Drain Systems are manufactured in the USA, and are one of the most versatile drainage solutions on the market. This product line has a broad range of applications in a variety of industries, and can be custom made to virtually any specification.  Because stainless is corrosion resistant, it is suitable for coastal areas, where salt air and water will degrade many other materials and systems. It is also chemical resistant and non porous, so it is in ideal choice for many types of installations. It is offered in various grades, so harsher conditions are not a problem; SIGMA will recommend the appropriate material for the particular setting to ensure durability and longevity.

SIGMA Stainless is being used in more and more residential areas and high rises. Because of the high quality of the material it is seen as a way to add value to the property.

It is also a boon to many food and medical applications. Because it can be manufactured with round edges, it is easy to clean. Without corners or edges, debris can be thoroughly removed with sponges or brushes ensuring that the entire surface is completely scrubbed.

SIGMA Stainless also offers a line of shower drains. These high end products come in a variety of finishes, and are attracting a lot of attention from plumbing engineers.

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