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One important lesson that has emerged in these last tumultuous months is the value of relationships—our relationships with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues have become paramount. As work-from-home has become the norm for many and face-to-face meetings have become rare in some areas, our business relationships have also come into sharper focus.  Some have adjusted to virtual interactions; others have done distance meetings, many have experienced a hybrid approach, while others have been relatively unaffected.

The way sales and service professionals interact with customers, affiliates, and industry partners can make or break a project or a deal, so whether meetings are conducted in person, virtually, or from a distance, it is essential to manage the relationship. Strong, trusting, respectful relationships, regardless of the industry, are more likely to breed success on all fronts.

SIGMA places tremendous value on our relationships with customers, and to that end, we have made a firm commitment to offer comprehensive, one-stop shopping. We know that efficient service benefits our customer and that is always the top priority.

By creating a continent-wide network of warehouses, we have a footprint that enables rapid turnaround time for orders throughout all of North America.  We have diversified our supply chain to ensure that we can source product quickly. SIGMA’s comprehensive product range enables customers to issue a smaller number of POs and limits the number of vendors they have to deal with, which greatly reduces time spent placing and monitoring orders. There is also increased accountability on the part of SIGMA; our sales professionals know the customers well, they are able to take proactive steps to anticipate and meet their needs.

In effort to be the “one-stop shop”, SIGMA’s broad product offering includes a full range of waterworks products as well as a wide array of accessories and extended products. We now stock NSF61 approved spray paint, V-Bio Enhanced Polyethylene Encasement Film, domestic stainless steel accessories, and virtually any waterworks or affiliated product our customers may need.

SIGMA’s goal, every day, is to provide professional service, technical expertise, a comprehensive product range, timely deliveries, and reasonable prices.  We strive to be the easiest vendor to deal with, offering the widest array of product possible. In this highly competitive environment, it is crucial to bring more to the table, and for SIGMA, that comes in the form of reliability, enhanced service, and personal attention—in a word, relationships.