State of the Industry: Trench Drain Market Shows Strong Growth

Todd Amerson, National Trench Drain Product Manager, SIGMA Reflects on 2018

SIGMA’s drainage solution sales have increased by 85% in 2018. This is a sizeable uptick, and there are a number of factors that can be attributed to bringing about this positive trend.

The economy has unquestionably rebounded, resulting in more investment in construction of all types. Housing starts are up, which is boosting the residential sector, and commercial building is also surging. As a result, demand for trench drains has grown. Drainage has become a crucial part of all new construction, and SIGMA has been able to deliver reliable, high quality storm water and wastewater management solutions to our expanding list of valued customers.

In addition to the rise in construction starts, the trend toward green building and responsible storm water management continues to grow. Environmental considerations, water conservation, and the increasingly common practice of reclaiming water for non-potable use have driven a strong interest in trench drains.

As engineers, architects, and construction professionals continue to require innovative, scalable, reliable, and flexible drainage solutions, SIGMA will continue to provide industry leading product and service in this sector.

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