Welcome to SIGMA, Eric Clayton

SIGMA is pleased to welcome Eric Clayton as Specialty Sales Manager, concentrating in the Western Region.  Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Eric will manage a number of sales initiatives, including an expansion of SIGMA’s casting business with Precast Concrete producers, advancing our Municipal Construction Castings (MCC) business, furthering our position in the Trench Drain market, and supporting our Territory Sales Managers.

He brings nearly three decades of professional experience in waterworks and adjacent industries, having started in the early 1990s in the underground construction field. Eric worked for a contractor in the sewer and water sector, then moved to the municipal side, became an inspector, and after 11 years there, received the catastrophic news that he had stage four melanoma. Eric explains:  “I was given 6 weeks to live. That was 17 years ago. They cut eight inches out of my back, and after a few weeks at home, I knew I needed to get back to work, but I couldn’t be an inspector any more—too much time in the sun. I moved to project management, and found my way to a sales position in waterworks. Going through a life threatening experience also taught me that you really have to do what you love and I love the waterworks industry. I had a lot of friends in the industry from my previous jobs, so I have been able to find great opportunities throughout my career.”

He landed at SIGMA through a similar avenue. Arizona-based TSM Kane Connor, a long time industry friend, invited Eric to a meeting with SIGMA Chairman and CEO Victor Pais to discuss Precast sales. Eric comments, “I had this amazing meeting with Victor. We sat down, and four hours later we were still talking about castings. We totally hit it off and here I am!”

When he’s not selling waterworks products, Eric has some interesting hobbies. A former Ultimate Fighting “King of the Ring” and Jiu Jitsu combatant, he now competes with his family in rodeos. They own eight horses, and Eric and his 23 year old son compete in sorting and team pinning events. His wife and 18 year old daughter also participate in rodeo competitions; it’s a true family affair.

Eric can be reached at eclayton@sigmaco.com or 480 329 4589.

Welcome to SIGMA, Eric, and best wishes for much success!