Available Now: Large-Sized Fittings

SIGMA’s current inventory of fittings can meet the needs of large-size applications. We are stocked with fittings in the 54-64” range. 


SIGMA’s C153 Ductile Iron Mechanical Joint Fittings and C153 Ductile Iron Flanged Fittings are produced in accordance with ANSI/AWWA requirements and are hydrostatically tested to comply with SIGMA’s stringent quality management standards. These fittings are rated for 150 PSI water working pressure, will meet safety factor of 2:1, and are heat coded to ensure traceability and verification of the metallurgical properties per SIGMA’s rigorous quality assurance protocols. They are certified to NSF61 standard, including Annex G & 372.


SIGMA pioneered this product line back in 2012, and has continued to be a leader in the sector ever since. The company received an inquiry for 54” MJ Bell fittings, and, to meet the customer request, developed the product. The large-sized fittings were well received in the marketplace, and as a result, SIGMA identified a need to expand the offering. Subsequently, SIGMA’s innovative engineering team developed 60“ and 64” MJ fittings, and in 2015, AWWA approached SIGMA with an invitation to include the large-sized fittings in their specifications. In response, SIGMA submitted all product and QA details for review, and now large-sized fittings are included in the respective AWWA Standards. 


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