Check out this Webb-Site: The Importance of Teamwork

Check out this Webb-Site:  The Importance of Teamwork
By Joe Webb, National Sales Manager

This time of year always throws me back the gridiron. In my younger days, I played linebacker at the college level, and the life lessons learned on the football field have stayed with me well past the fourth quarter.

We learned early on that we all had a job to do, a specific role, a crucial position to play in the success of the team. If any one of us failed to perform, the whole team could suffer—whether it meant a blown play, a missed opportunity, a loss, or an injury, the outcome was negative. I have carried this mentality with me in other areas of my life and I have been incredibly fortunate to be a member of another team that always pulls together: SIGMA. When I am meeting with customers to learn what they need, I know that I have teammates with years of experience and dedication backing me up to help provide and deliver what is required. Our engineers, sourcing professionals, operations, quality control, logistics, inventory, Raven manufacturers, and warehouse crews all work together seamlessly toward a common goal: to serve the customer.

This mindset is crucial to the success of any organization; if collaboration, mutual respect, and trust are missing, most efforts are doomed to fail.  SIGMA prioritizes teamwork as a core value, and this shows in everything we do, both in and out of the office.

Many SIGMA employees are involved in charitable works, and this is an extension of the teamwork mentality. Whether it is a “Pink-Out” for Breast Cancer Awareness, The Rybacki Memorial Golf Tournament for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, SOFKIN, an organization that supports underprivileged children in India, Shriners Hospital for Children, or the United Way, our coworkers pull together as a team to support efforts aimed at helping others.

The Webb family has recently begun working in this direction. To honor my father-in-law after he passed, we created the Dan Cox Legacy Fund. This has been a great way for our family to pull together with the community to honor Dan, who was a larger-than-life coach for his entire adult life. The Fund helps meet the financial needs of Catholic youth in education, athletics, and community programs, and has made a strong impact on many young people.

With the fall sports season in full swing and my four kids involved in football, soccer, and gymnastics, we spend a lot of time on athletic fields and in gyms. This is both fun and hectic. Annie and I appreciate the lessons these experiences provide for the kids—not the wins and losses, but the effort, the preparation, the value of practice, and the importance of teamwork. The fact that it tires our high energy brood out is an added bonus.