Congrats to Calcutta Export Corporation (CEC)

Calcutta Export Company (CEC), SIGMA’s primary supplier of Municipal Construction Castings in India, recently received a prestigious award from the Indian Government’s Ministry of Commerce & Industry. CEC was recognized with a silver trophy as a Regional Top Exporter by the Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC), the premier trade and investment promotion organization of the Indian government.

In close collaboration with SIGMA, CEC has become the largest exporter of MCC to the US market under the capable leadership of Mr. B.D. Agarwal. He has developed a strong organizational culture where quality is paramount and his steady investment in equipment and facilities has supported CEC in its sterling performance over the years.

The award was presented by Mr. C.R. Chaudhary, Minister of State of Commerce and Industry, along with Mrs. Rita Teotia, Commerce Secretary, Government of India.

SIGMA congratulates CEC on this well-deserved award, thanks them for their loyal support and looks forward to many cooperative and prosperous years to come.