SIGMA Expands the OEM Team

SIGMA’s priority, regardless of external factors, is always the customer. This has been a core value of the company since the doors opened in 1985 and remains so today. In order to optimize the challenging situation presented by the current geopolitical climate, SIGMA OEM has expanded our global manufacturing in India and are expanding partnerships with factories in Indonesia, Mexico, and Israel.

Because SIGMA has been operating in India for decades, we had an existing infrastructure to build on, so expanding our manufacturing programs relied on proven, reliable partners to meet our customer needs.  Our long-standing experience in establishing global manufacturing partners enabled us to ramp up facilities in Indonesia with confidence and efficiency, and we now have the ability to manufacture specific items in those locations as well.  And, of course, we continue to work with our supplier partners in China in the hopes that the trade wars are resolved in the near future.  In certain cases, we are even exploring and executing on helping OEM customers to resource within China when circumstances require them to move from their current source for reasons not just related to tariffs but also related to fractures or interruptions in their supply chain.

In order to manage these added global resources effectively, SIGMA OEM has built out our US based team to ensure that customer needs are addressed at every step of the process from quote to sourcing, to manufacture to delivery.  We have hired several new employees, promoted others, and brought in additional engineering resources to ensure that SIGMA’s quality and service remain constant and unwavering, even in this time of uncertainty.

Members of newly expanded OEM team can be reached as follows:

Mitchell Rona – Executive Vice President –

Stuart Box – Vice President of Engineering –

Tom Whittington – Sales Manager –

Jeremy Allen – Southwest Regional Sales Manager –

Jose Nieves – Associate OEM Business Manager –

Craig Schapiro – Customer Service –

Ajay Roy – GEM and Business Development –

Steve Kreiser – Product Engineer –

Kelly Grant – Customer Service Manager –

Kathy Searles – Business Development –

Melissa Perrine – Business Development –

Kaitlyn Bartlett – Business Development Assistant –

Korey Kinler – Customer Service –

Stephanie Goff – Customer Service –

Renee Cohen – Customer Service –

Meena Singh – Customer Service –

Melissa Heredia – Customer Service –

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