SIGMA Fittings and Restraints Play their Part in Charleston’s Low Battery Restoration Project

In 2019, the city of Charleston, SC broke ground on a major stormwater management project designed to protect downtown Charleston from rising sea levels.

Image in Charleston
View of the High Battery. Part of the defensive seawall that surrounds the Charleston peninsula.

Currently in its third and final phase, the Low Battery Restoration Project involves raising the existing seawall nearly 2-ft to meet the High Battery seawall. The project necessitated demolition and repairs to the old early 20th century seawall that encircles the south of the city, the addition of landscaping to make the Battery promenade ADA-compliant, and the replacement of the existing water main in the area.

SIGMA provided 4” and 6” fittings, and its market-leading pipe restraint products, including SIGMA’s ONE-LOK SLDEs, to support the replacement of the waterworks infrastructure. SIGMA Technical Sales Coordinator Dennis Wilson comments, “We were thrilled to be a part of this critical infrastructure project for the City of Charleston and honored to work with the great team of professionals that completed the work.” For further information about SIGMA Pipe Restraint Products contact Dennis Wilson

Charleston image
The Battery is named to mark the location of the defensive artillery position that protected Charleston Harbor during the Civil War.