Fully Stocked with V-BIO® Enhanced Polyethylene Film

SIGMA Fully Stocked with V-BIO® Enhanced Polyethylene Film
Proprietary Anti-Microbial Technology Inhibits Galvanic and Microbiological Corrosion 

SIGMA is proud to highlight the availability of V-BiO® Enhanced Polyethylene Encasement. As part of an exclusive agreement with DIPRA, SIGMA is one of only six suppliers nationally with distribution rights to this product.

Featuring an inside surface that includes a unique anti-microbial additive, V-BIO® is proven to mitigate microbiological corrosion, inhibit volatile corrosion, and prevent galvanic corrosion. V-BIO® delivers the utmost corrosion protection when paired with SIGMA Z-COAT, our Zinc-rich paint, which coats fittings and other components. It is also applicable for use with Zinc-coated ductile iron pipe, standard tar-coated pipe and bare pipe.

V-BIO® meets the spec required by engineers and many municipalities where volatile elements and soil conditions create a corrosion issue. It is typically used in major metropolitan areas and is an established product in the Midwest and Northeast. It also meets all requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the AWWA standard for polyethylene encasement (ANSI/AWWA C105/A21.5).

V-BIO® enhances SIGMA’s existing Extended Products line, which also features 4-mil cross laminated and regular 8-mil polyethylene encasement products.

Craig Schapiro, National Customer Service Manager, OEM Sales, and Product Manager, comments, “We are fully supplied with V-BIO® throughout our national warehouse network and it has been moving really well. There is a lot of interest in this product.”

SIGMA is fully stocked with V-BIO® in the following locations:

·       Cream Ridge, NJ
·       Sauk Village, IL
·       Alexander City, AL
·       Denver, CO
·       Houston, TX
·       Ontario, CA
·       Auburn, WA

To download the product specification sheet in PDF format, please click here.

For further information, contact alocha@sigmaco.com or cs1@sigmaco.com.