SIGMA offers two types of Hydraulic Cement Plug as part of our Extended Products line

The Standard Mix sets in 3-5 minutes, while the Hot Mix sets in 45-90 seconds (both setting times are dependent on external temperature). The Hydraulic Cement can be used above or below grade and both inside and outside.

According to SIGMA’s Craig Schapiro, “Our Hydraulic Cement is perfect for a wide range of applications. It’s ideal for use at water treatment plants and for plugging manholes, sewers, concrete pipes and retaining walls”.

The Hydraulic Cement Plug consists of a blend of Portland cement, fine aggregates and other ingredients intended to control the initial and final set times of the cement.

You can access the product specification sheet on our website, or as a downloadable PDF file by clicking the following link Hydraulic Cement Plug.

For further information, contact Craig Schapiro (609) 498-7308 or