Introducing: SIGMA’s Experts

Stuart Box, Vice President of Engineering, Production and Quality

Stuart has worked as an engineer in waterworks manufacturing for 40+ years. He oversees SIGMA’s industry-leading quality assurance program, and he monitors all product design, innovation, testing, and product release. He also provides professional training on a variety of waterworks topics. Stuart has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from the Univ. of Alabama Birmingham. Contact: or 256-414-4239.

Joe Webb, National Sales Manager

Joe has been in waterworks sales management with SIGMA for 16 years. He began as a territory sales manager, and steadily rose up through the company. Joe oversees the entire sales force, bringing a strong technical knowledge and keen ability to understand and meet customers’ needs. He is committed to value-added sales, and a solution-driven, service-forward approach. Joe holds a BA in Communication from the Univ of Ohio and an MBA from DePaul Univ. Contact: or 513-374-0187.

Steve McDonald, National Pipe Restraint Product Manager

Steve has been a leader in the pipe restraint sector for 35 years. His technical expertise, jobsite support, and detailed approach have made SIGMA a dominant force in the market, with over $75M in pipe restraint sales annually. Steve specializes in assisting municipalities and engineering firms with product approvals. His work has led to many innovations, and he is a renowned educator in the field. Steve holds a BA in Business Admin and Communication from Rollins College.

Contact: or 609-668-1053

Jeff Fox, Branch Manager and HDPE Specialist

Jeff has served SIGMA for 17 years in various capacities–operations, inventory, customer service, management, and HDPE production. He led SIGMA into the HDPE world with acquisition of Idaho-based Raven. The subsequent growth in HDPE sales has prompted SIGMA to add HDPE facilities in AL and CO. Jeff’s broad background enables him to serve customers effectively in all aspects of the business. Jeff has a BA in History and Philosophy from Auburn Univ.

Contact: or 251-583-5477.