IT Team Delivers Smooth Transition to Virtual Offices

When the pandemic hit the US in mid-March, the SIGMA IT Team shifted into high gear. Under the leadership of Raju Kakani, Vice President, Information Systems & Services, this skilled group of professionals including Vishal Chaganti, Network Administrator, and Ratish Reddy Karri, IT Analyst, ramped up capacity to enable a majority of the company to telecommute, and did so fairly seamlessly. The IT Team’s strategic expansion of the VPN and other systems’ capacities meant that they were ready to respond to a crisis like this one. The company has been able to function with most employees working remotely, and this has meant that those required to be onsite have managed to follow distancing and safety guidelines.

Vishal describes the process: “We had to adapt very quickly to overnight decentralization of IT, but the smooth transition wouldn’t have been possible without each individual’s efforts. On the bright side, most of the SIGMA team has become a bit self-sufficient in IT now!” Ritesh adds: “During these unprecedented times, as a company we have all put in our best efforts to keep the show going. The IT Team has made sure all requests and issues are resolved as our first priority, and everyone has been patient, which has helped us smoothly shift from office to home.”

The use of Microsoft Teams and other applications has been effective and efficient. Donna Jones, Sales and Marketing Support Associate, commented: “I give huge kudos to the IT Team. It’s like I have my entire office here, but I’m sitting at my kitchen table. I have access to email, all of my files, and the Ring Central system rings through my cell phone so I don’t miss any calls. On the rare times when I have encountered a glitch, IT responded immediately and resolved the problem so I was back up and running very quickly.”

SIGMA salutes the IT Team and thanks them for their excellent work!