Linings & Coatings: The Talk of the Town at ACE19

ACE19 took place last week in Denver, CO. As usual, the AWWA show was well attended by waterworks industry folks. We tried something different on the SIGMA booth this year and incorporated a monitor to show a video of our HDPE roto-molding manufacturing facility in Alexander City, AL. Feedback from the show floor was that the video was helpful at explaining some of our business processes.

In a number of conversations with customers, I was struck by the interest surrounding Coatings & Linings. This makes sense: Utilities are keen to find means to preserve and extend the life of their infrastructure assets. Zinc in particular was generating a lot of noise at the show because it helps create a lasting product. Zinc as a coating provides cathodic protection to fittings and while it is not an AWWA requirement, we find zinc appearing more and more frequently on specifications. In fact, most ductile iron pipe manufacturers are now offering zinc as an option. At SIGMA, we are responsive to the needs of our customers and we’ve followed suit and expanded the range of coatings and linings across our entire range of fittings. Our engineering team will shortly be releasing an educational video to help customers understand the appropriateness of these coatings and linings for different products in different environments. For further information, contact

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