MEET SIGMA: Kyle Czajkowski, Operational Support & Supply Chain Assistant

SIGMA is pleased to welcome Kyle Czajkowski to the Operational Support Group!

Kyle will primarily handle matters pertaining to transfer and freight. He will undergo a structured training program to ensure that he has a full understanding of product, process, and the industry as a whole. Eventually, Kyle’s responsibilities will expand to include Supply Chain matters for Pipe Restraint Products, MJ and Flanged Accessories. and all domestic vendors for Extended Products.

Kyle comes to SIGMA with an inventory management background.  He began his career with WeWork in New York, when the company was persuing an IPO—which failed. Kyle describes the experience, “It was a lot of upheaval—I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly, so it was great experience for me at the beginning of my career. I’m really grateful to have had that opportunity, because it prepared me for just about anything.” Kyle’s approach to work prioritizes transparency; he continues: “Communication is the key, especially in this climate with shortages and other consequences of the pandemic. I’m eager to learn and it’s been great getting up to speed with the amazing team here at SIGMA.” Kyle holds a degree in Statistics from The College of New Jersey. An identical twin, he enjoys spending time with his best friend and twin brother Jason. He also enjoys watching sports, particularly the Giants, Yankees, and Miami Heat.

Kyle can be reached at or (609) 489-6782. Welcome to SIGMA, Kyle, and best wishes for much success!