Meet SIGMA: Tomeka Frazier, Inside Sales and Plant Work Associate

Tomeka Frazier arrived at SIGMA in March, 2020 and hit the ground running. She started as an inside sales representative, and her broad-based experience in customer service proved to be an asset to both SIGMA and our customers. Jeff Fox, Branch Manager, explains, “When we posted the job, we had a really strong applicant pool, but Tomeka had a confidence and an eagerness to learn that really stood out. She arrived at SIGMA, jumped right in, and when the additional opportunity for Plant Work opened, Tomeka was willing to take on the job. It has worked out really well!”

Tomeka comes to SIGMA with a background in customer service, business to business sales, retail, and merchandising. She holds Summa cum Laude degrees in General Business and Office Administration from Central Alabama Community College.  Her philosophy is no nonsense:  “Do my job.  I’m not one to procrastinate, I’m about getting the work done.” Tomeka’s approach to customers reflects her strong background in customer service, and she has embraced SIGMA’s service forward mentality: “Be nice. Be courteous. Know their names. Use their names. And most importantly, if an issue or error arises, acknowledge it. If something goes wrong, well, that happens! But if we apologize, find a solution right away, and move on, things work out and the customer knows that SIGMA can be counted on.”

As far as Plant Work goes, Tomeka applies the same formula: “Plant Work is really similar to the rest of my inside sales responsibilities, but the orders tend to be higher volume and require more attention to detail. It’s a matter of issuing the quote, the PO, and then following the order through. Sometimes the product needs to be held, so we have to tag it and store it, ensuring that it is on deck to ship when the customer is ready to install it. I’m really grateful to Joe Webb, Greg Fox, and Jeff Fox for giving me the opportunity.”

SIGMA thanks Tomeka for her excellent work, and wishes her continued success.

Tomeka can be reached at or 256-217-4246.