SIGMA OEM Provides Fabrication Services for Homeless Shelters

As part of SIGMA OEM’s Fabrications offering, we have been supplying twin bed frames for homeless shelters and women’s shelters. The customer recently requested a new bunk bed model, sent a drawing, and SIGMA OEM’s design team got to work.  Melissa Perrine, Business Development, explains:  “We had been providing this customer with twin beds for some time, and they recently sent a sketch asking for bunk beds.  Our design team made drawings, worked with both the customer and supplier to refine and tweak the specifications, produced a prototype, and received approval. It all went very smoothly.”

This process demonstrated SIGMA OEM’s ability to provide efficient, nimble, scalable, turnkey service for all types of fabrications, assemblies, and components.  We had an existing product, and the customer need to modify it as their requirements changed. SIGMA OEM’s team of experts worked with our engineers and suppliers to develop these bunk beds, even during the pandemic, which will be providing help to those in need.

SIGMA OEM plans to donate to the shelters where the beds will be utilized.

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