SIGMA is fully stocked with Polywrap LLDPE

SIGMA is fully stocked with Polywrap LLDPE, the polyethylene encasement film sleeve that provides essential anti-corrosive protection to ductile iron pipe. Polywrap is made when carefully controlled molten resin made from virgin polyethylene is forced under high pressure through a die-head, producing a bubble of polyethylene in a vertical column. This column, or tube, is cooled and gathered onto spooling equipment.

The product is designed to meet the ANSI/AWWA, C105/A21.5 standards, and is crucial for use in residential, municipal, and commercial applications. Without it, pipes are susceptible to corrosion, and if the pipes degrade, there is high risk of a disastrous situation. Flooding, contamination, and sewage leaks can ensue, causing major health and safety problems for communities. Coating pipes in Polywrap prevents these situations.

Currently, SIGMA stocks 4 colors of Polywrap. Black is the standard, and comprises 90% of all orders. Blue Polywrap is used for water applications, green for sewer, and purple for reclaimed water. Scott Marlow, SIGMA Manager of Special Projects, comments on the growth of this product line, “As more and more customers learn that SIGMA offers Polywrap, we are seeing an increase in demand for it. It is domestically sourced, and because we have a national logistics network, we are a reliable supplier for our customers. They see that we provide quality product and efficient service, and they keep coming back for more.”

For more information about Polywrap, please contact Craig Schapiro, National Product Manager for E-products and Accessories, at or 1-800-999-2550 x 1238.