Check out this Webb-Site: Reflections on ACE22

By Joe Webb, National Sales Manager

ACE22 is in the books, and like everything these days, it was a little different. The overwhelming sentiment on the show floor was excitement about meeting in person—this was positive, upbeat, and demonstrated how much the people in our industry value each other. But after the initial, jubilant greeting, the conversation invariably turned to the subject that we have all managed to conduct business successfully for the past two years without meeting in person.

This suggests the potential for a more permanent pivot in the way we function—there is an efficiency, a cost-effectiveness, and an economy of scale that digital and virtual operations deliver. Relationships remain important, and I do not discount the value of personal touch and human connection, but as the pace of business accelerates and inventory and shipping considerations remain complicated, responsiveness and efficiency are taking precedence in many cases.

We at SIGMA are always working to improve our response time and provide better, faster service with our customers’ needs as the top priority. To that end we have taken steps to streamline processes, upgrade our systems, and offer training for our teams. Our goal is to maintain our valued personal connections and relationships whether they are in person or virtual, and provide expertise, efficiency, and industry-leading service every day.

ACE always marks the unofficial start of summer, and now that we are well into the season, the Webb family is busy with swimming, baseball, and lacrosse. It seems that each of our four kids has multiple activities every day, and the family schedule requires a spreadsheet to manage. But the good news is they are all healthy, happy, and they come home dog-tired and crash, which is also good news for Annie and me!