SIGMA Restrained Joint Devices Successfully Installed Jacksonville, FL

“Towards the beginning of 2020, SIGMA Corporation began working on the Butler Boulevard Reclaimed Water project in Jacksonville, FL with T.G. Utility Company, Inc., a noteworthy utility contracting group in Northeast FL” said Steve McDonald, Pipe Restraint Product Manager for SIGMA Corporation. The nature of their business is predominantly watermain transmission and distribution piping, wastewater management and storm drain piping. The customer needed to update older water infrastructure for this project and wanted to minimize the disruption to its own customer base in the area neighborhoods and directly across from the University of North Florida main entrance while construction was taking place. They were installing 7,100 lineal feet of 30″ ductile iron pipe in this area north of Butler Blvd. a six-lane divided highway. In addition, T.G. Utility was running approximately 11,000 lineal feet of 16″ C900 PVC pressure pipe on the south side of the interstate.

Ferguson Waterworks supplied SIGMA One-Lok wedge-action restraining glands for the ductile iron pipe to mechanical joint assemblies, as well as wedge-style restraining glands and pipe bell joint harnesses for the PVC portion of the job.

The installation was a tremendous success, having to negotiate challenges for the ductile iron portion using vertical offsets by virtue of going under existing conduits and facilitating existing roadways. This allowed them to minimize disruption to traffic flows by avoiding open trenches, which was more forgiving in the local environment and meant less disruption both at the job site and for local traffic.

Rickey Astin, the onsite Construction General Foreman overseeing the 30″ ductile iron pipe portion of the job, commented: “SIGMA Corporation is a great company to work with. They provide excellent, hands-on assistance when required. Since Mr. McDonald’s residence was located in close proximity to our project, he was extremely visible over the duration of the job, bringing lunches out to the crews and making certain that Sigma restrainers were meeting our company’s expectations.”

Henry Darden, the Construction General Foreman for T.G. Utility managing the 16″ PVC pipe reclaimed water section of the project, commented “SIGMA restraining devices have performed successfully for us over many years. Their strong, on-site personal dedication to our company’s progress in the field is most appreciated.”

Ryan Preeschl, owner of T.G. Utility Company, Inc., commented “a successful project is a direct reflection of the team assembled. That is why, Ferguson and SIGMA are not just the best choice, but our choice when constructing transmission mains.”

Steve McDonald mentioned “my company responsibilities require traveling North America and meeting with water municipalities and engineering firms, based on product approvals and hands-on training. Being able to visit Rickey, Henry and their crews onsite was most enjoyable. It’s amazing the things you learn about your devices when up close and personal with the actual individuals installing them in the field”.

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