Rybacki Memorial Tournament Raises $70K For Dana–Farber Melanoma Research, Larry Rybacki Sums Up the Event

It was 100% sunny at this year’s Rybacki Memorial Golf Tournament, for a change. The temperature hit the mid 70s every day, and the course stayed dry throughout the tournament – much to the delight of Larry and other competitors. “This is the best ever tournament in terms of fundraising,” says Larry. “We netted over 70k and generated around 60k in sponsorship from individual and corporate sponsorship. So a big THANK YOU to my family and everyone in the industry who played, sponsored or cheered us on from the sidelines.”

This year’s Memorial took place on September 27th at the Haven Country Club in Boylston, MA. Next year the tournament will again rotate back to The International. Last year, funds raised were given to Lymphoma research at the Dana-Farber Institute in Boston. This year, funds are being allocated to Melanoma research at Dana-Farber. As Larry explains: “We know at least three people who are currently battling skin cancer and so we wanted to target the funds at this area of research. We love pairing with Dana-Farber because they are one of the finest Cancer Research centers in the world and have a holistic approach to patient treatment”.

When asked to spill the beans about what went on at the Tournament, Larry shared but a single story: “On the second day, we heard strange noises coming from within the trees. It sounded like a wounded animal. I followed the noise and found *&!@ snoring in the undergrowth. Wild horses couldn’t make me divulge the name of that particularly Sleeping Beauty.”

Next year’s Memorial Tournament will take place two weeks earlier than usual. The tournament is slated currently for September 11th. Mark your calendar please!