SIGMA Adopts New ERP System

With the new year, SIGMA is adopting a new ERP system that will allow us to better service you, our valued customer. The process was initiated about 18 months ago and will be completed with an implementation date of January 10, 2022.

As many of you may be aware, the transition from one ERP system to another is a herculean effort with many tasks to be completed and processes to be implemented. Our intent is to complete a seamless transition from the customer’s perspective; however, the extent of the change-over is such that few areas will be impacted.

Accordingly, please be aware of the following:

  • Automated sales order acknowledgments, shipping confirmations and invoices will not be processed from January 1st through January 9th.
  • RMAs and sales returns will not be processed from January 1st through January 15th.
  • Cash receipts either through Lockbox, ACH or Wire will continue to be received and credited through PNC Bank. However, customer accounts will only be credited after January 10th.

Again, our goal is to complete a smooth, systematic transition within our operations. We appreciate your understanding with our internal improvements.

As always, you may call any of SIGMA’s team of customer service folks for clarification or assistance.

Thank you and Happy New Year.


Greg Fox | Vice President of Sales
SIGMA Corporation