SIGMA is One of 1st HDPE Mfrs to Supply Meter Enclosures for Non-Potable Water

SIGMA Produces Irrigation Meter Boxes

SIGMA is one of the first HDPE manufacturers to supply meter enclosures for non-potable water. As droughts spread and water becomes increasingly scarce, this practice is expected to become more common in municipalities in the US and beyond. Lehi City, UT became one of the first municipalities to meter non-potable water, and they approached SIGMA to supply the meter boxes.

The meter boxes had to be purple, which signifies non-potable water, and SIGMA was able to source purple resin and blend it appropriately to meet this requirement.

Two prototypes were sent for inspection and SIGMA worked with the engineers to have the product specified. SIGMA’s purple meter boxes have now been approved for specification in Lehi City. The first box was placed at the Mayor’s home, and SIGMA HDPE Product Specialist Don Henderson was on hand for the installation. He comments, “Lehi City is on the forefront of this water management trend. Metering water for irrigation, landscaping, golf courses, cemeteries, and lawns is likely to become the norm. SIGMA is in a strong position to meet this growing market need.”

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