SIGMA OEM Expands into Power Distribution & Renewable Energy

SIGMA OEM has rapidly expanded our virtual manufacturing service into 3 major areas of the energy market.  We are now providing product for renewable energy collection, energy storage, and power distribution. As a company that prioritizes innovation and forward thinking, this was a natural next step.

Currently, SIGMA OEM is delivering critical iron components for the solar industry, key metal fabrications, enclosures and accessories for lithium battery storage, and pole line hardware components made of iron, steel, bronze, and aluminum for power distribution.

  • The iron castings are high-volume ductile iron components which are all hot-dip galvanized to protect them from the elements. These consist of brackets, support members, and other structural key components required in the solar collection mounting systems. SIGMA’s key supplier partners can quickly develop and scale up to meet the demanding build schedules for the solar industry.
  • We are partnering with customers in the material handling industry to protect their batteries and provide key needed ballast weight. We offer cast iron ballasts or sheet fabricated metal powder coated enclosures up to several thousand pounds. In energy storage fields, we are providing powder coated sheet metal enclosures along with other accessories to complement the overall enclosure build outs.
  • In the pole line hardware sector for power distribution, we are supplying a wide array of hardware items which are all hot-dip galvanized for corrosion resistance.

Executive Vice President Mitchell Rona comments, “SIGMA is well established as a supplier for the water industry, so we are experienced in the critical resources markets. Moving into power and energy simply makes sense for us as we continue to expand our reach. Coming out of the pandemic, a challenging period for everyone, we are pleased to pursue new opportunities and successfully provide customers with SIGMA’s best-in-class quality and service.”

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