SIGMA Offers Wide Range of Pipe Lubrication Products

SIGMA is pleased to offer a wide range of pipe lubrication products as part of our Extended Products Line.

SIGMA’s lubricants deliver the following key features:

  • They can be applied in temperatures ranging from -10 to 150 F, and will perform well over time in wide range of temperature conditions
  • They will not damage or swell gaskets
  • They are non-toxic and biodegradable
  • They will not support the growth of bacteria
  • They contain no petroleum products
  • They have a slow rate of solubility
  • They are user friendly, with a soft, easy-to-spread consistency
  • They have excellent lubricity
  • They are NSF approved

As always, the customer is SIGMA’s top priority, and we strive to deliver maximum convenience as a one-stop shop. National Product Manager Craig Schapiro comments, “Our line of pipe lubricants offers many advantages. The products themselves are high performance and top quality. And the convenience factor for our customers is also significant—if they are already supplying fittings, restraints, and other product from SIGMA it saves time and is more efficient to tack on these additional products—this way there is just one purchase order, and one point of contact, and that is value added.”

For further information about this and other Extended Products, please contact Craig at