SIGMA Shout Out: Marie Moskowitz

Marie Moskowitz, Sourcing and Procurement Group Associate, has been a valuable member of the SIGMA team for 23 years. Her Supervisor, Sean Salins, Supply Chain Manager, calls her “a dedicated worker, a go-to person, a great ‘all-rounder’ and someone always willing to step up and help.” Marie is responsible for all shipments coming in from all suppliers to all regions—she enters the shipping information on the containers for waterworks and OEM product. She also coordinates the receipt of goods for all regions, and manages inquiries and POs for fittings on a day-to-day basis. Sean continues: “A colleague like Marie is invaluable—she is incredibly hard working, often staying at the office until 8pm to complete her work. She doesn’t let anything carry over to tomorrow.  And Marie’s collegial spirit adds to the culture of SIGMA—whether it’s covering the phones at reception or testing the new ERP system, Marie is there for us. She also helps arrange lunches and other activities that keep the team together.”

We are pleased to give Marie a SIGMA Shout out, and thank her for her excellent work!