SIGMA welcomes new employees!

SIGMA is frequently referred to as a “family-oriented company” and the two latest additions to the Northeast Regional team certainly fit with that description.

Grace Matthews, Sales and Marketing Assistant, was a member of the SIGMA family before she took the job. Her mom, Becky Matthews, and three of her aunts work at the company. Prior to joining SIGMA, Grace served in the United States Air Force as an aircraft fuel technician, a job that required her to crawl around inside the fuel tanks and repair components on A10, C130H, C130J, and HH60 aircraft. She explains how this relates to her current job: “Even though the tasks are different, the attention to detail, the need to learn fast and work quickly, to be responsive, those are skills that apply to my work at SIGMA. I’m grateful for my Air Force experience because it really set me up for success with a background that is relevant to pretty much any job.”  Grace employs a systematic approach to her work:  “I analyze the task as a whole and then I jump in, starting slow, then taking off, I just get in the zone.” When she is not delivering world class work to the sales and marketing teams and taking care of her new baby, Grace enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, fishing, and going to the beach, and looks forward to sharing these passions with her son. She can be reached at

Joe Medina, Operations and Supply Chain Assistant, also grew up with SIGMA. His dad, Joe Medina, Sr., has been a member of the SIGMA warehouse team for 22 years, and his aunt also works in the office. Joe has a Bachelor’s of Science from Rider University in Marine Sciences, which he considers good preparation for his current position: “People hear ‘marine science’ and assume it’s all about fish. But there is a lot of data interpretation involved in the study, and that is very relevant to what I am doing at SIGMA—in regard to where we are sourcing product, where it’s going, what warehouse has space or need for that shipment. I’m studying product brochures and manuals to get a handle on this huge amount of material. So, it is different information but the process and the skill set are the same.” Joe can be reached at

We welcome Grace and Joe to the team and wish them much success!