SIGMA Expands Market Leadership Role, Now Offering SIGMAFLANGE™ Universal Joint Restraint Product Line in Sizes 30″ & 36″

SIGMA Corporation is pleased to announce the expansion of its SIGMAFLANGE™ Universal package Model SFUP. Previously available in sizes 3-24″, the SFUP product range has been extended to include two new sizes, 30″ and 36″. SIGMA not only continues to lead the industry in product development on behalf of larger diameter pipes for restraint installations (sizes 54″ through 64″ for ductile iron pipes and 54″ through 60″ PVC pressure pipes), but also expands its nominal ranges for existing product applications

The SIGMAFLANGE™ Universal is designed to connect plain-end ductile iron, steel, AWWA C900 PVC, C909 PVC, ASTM D2241 PVC and HDPE pressure pipes to a variety of flanged fittings, pipes, valves and other flanged appurtenances. A ductile iron adapter ring provides proper sealing of the adjacent flange outlet using an O-ring gasket while accommodating necessary pipe-end restraint using a SIGMA ONE-LOK™ Model SLGU wedge-action gland for the six different pipes listed above.

Benefits of the SIGMAFLANGE™ Universal Model:

The innovative design of the SIGMAFLANGE™ Universal brings a number of benefits to joint restraint users, as Satheesh Chandrasekaran, Pipe Restraint Product Engineer, explains: “The SIGMAFLANGE™ Universal allows for a great deal of flexibility in the field for municipalities and construction engineers. The product accommodates pipe misalignment and readily facilitates service and maintenance requirements. We also believe that our advanced technology leads to better compression and sealing”.

Check out the new SIGMAFLANGE Universal Installation Video.

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For further information about SIGMA’s pipe restraint product line, please contact Steve McDonald