Sourcing Solution: Converting Fabrications to Castings

By Mitchell Rona, Executive Vice President

In this unprecedented business climate, many manufacturers are experiencing shortages or bottlenecks throughout their global supply chains. This is affecting all types of businesses, but those that rely on steel fabrications, weldments, and stampings are experiencing specific sourcing challenges due to very volatile pricing and raw material shortages. However, many manufactures have found a solution for sourcing these critical components by converting their fabrications, weldments, and stampings to iron castings.

Fabrications, weldments, and stampings can be labor intensive to manufacture. In addition, they rely on steel from steel mills which is subject to volatile pricing and limited availability. In many cases, iron castings can be a much better option. Castings are made with liquid metal which is poured into sand molds; this process lends itself more readily to high-volume manufacturing than steel plate fabrication. The raw materials required to produce castings are more plentiful, which stabilizes pricing. Because of the way they are produced, castings can ultimately be lighter, which results in lower overall costs. By redesigning components and converting them to castings, many businesses have mitigated their supply chain pain points and ended up lowering their costs.

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