Steve Kreiser, SIGMA OEM Product Engineer, Accompanies Customer to India

When a SIGMA OEM customer requested a foundry audit, Product Engineer Steve Kreiser stepped up to help. The customer needed to visit several foundries to ensure that all quality protocols, materials testing, and supply chain specifications were being followed. Because SIGMA has “boots on the ground” and a well-established in-country presence, we were able to provide this support. Steve explains, “Doing business globally can be difficult; it’s a different world. Because we have long-standing relationships with suppliers, foundries, and logistics professionals, we can provide a level of service and efficiency that customers would have a hard time finding on their own.”

Following the visits to the foundries, machine shops, and material suppliers, the customer left feeling very confident that the parts would be delivered on time and to precise specifications. Steve continues, “It was great to be able to reassure the customer that both the supply chain and the quality program were completely solid and he didn’t need to have any concerns.”

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